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Wendy Ward is the Director of the Ward Acting Studio, a professional actor training program specializing in the Meisner Approach. She founded her school in New York City in 1996 and has taught over 4,000 actors, many of whom travel from all over the world to work with her.  She opened her Durham studio in 2015 and offers part-time acting training, six-week intensives and audition coaching both in person and online.  (Visit

As a theater director, Ms. Ward’s work has been described as “movies on stage,” in reference to the authenticity and emotional honesty with which her ensemble performs.   This same honesty translates into the work she does with her on camera clients. She is known for high standards of excellence and a tireless devotion to uncovering and developing her client's talent.


Anthony Miracola is an independent filmmaker currently working as a video editor for the ABC11 Eyewitness News team in Durham.  He received his Bachelor’s Equivalency Certificate in Cinematography after completing an apprenticeship with Film Connection in Los Angeles. 


Anthony's professional work includes shooting and editing promotional videos for small businesses, music festivals and individuals looking to promote themselves online.  


Past clients include:  Myriad Media (Raleigh), A Doorway to Hope, Apex Home Video Studio, Pole Vault Carolina, Hornet Homes (Charlotte), Hell Yes Studios (South Carolina). 

Anthony met Wendy as an actor studying in her Meisner training program.  After several casual conversations about Wendy’s desire to help her students market themselves more effectively, along with Anthony's interest in using her graduates in his films, they serendipitously booked their first show reel project.  That initial experience was so much fun -- and wildly successful -- that they immediately booked five more clients.

This is work they love to do, and they look forward to working with you.

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