Hilary Barry

"Booked a role on the strength of my reel."

Geoff Bowen

"What a great team!"

"Taught me to seek truth."

[Wendy] taught me to seek truth with boldness and toughness and to make no excuses or apologies when doing so...to need-it-like-oxygen and it has affected my priorities in art and expression and I'm forever grateful. —Steve Annan, Philadelphia

Gabe Ward

"One of the best creative experiences of my life."

"Incredibly inspirational."

Wendy Ward’s dedication and conviction to achieving work that is not just entirely believable but instead actually real is incredibly inspirational.  —Jordan Katelanis, Melbourne, Australia

Dorival Bettencourt

"An exhilarating experience!"

"Each second 100% there with you."


Wendy makes sure you are able to feel the difference in your good work from your bad work. She is incredibly generous in her teaching. She's always, each second 100% there with you. Always. She's never, never, never superficial. And, most of all, she really wants you to be a good actor. She really does. —Aglaia Mora, Italy

Nicholas Todaro

"Highly rewarding."

"Started booking serious work."


I really only started booking serious work after completing my Meisner training with Wendy Ward. Since I finished, I've booked three network co-star roles and a major movie coming out this year and keep getting called back by the same casting directors. I'm truly grateful to Wendy! —Julee Cerda, Broadway revival Children of a Lesser God, Smart People (Atlanta), Orange is the New Black, House of Cards. 

"Years of experience.“

Wendy’s years of experience have made her capable of noticing your strengths and weaknesses very quickly, making you lose your bad acting habits, not by forcing her point of view upon you but by helping you grasp what you lack and what you need to do to become good...and yourself. —Gintare Parylute, Berlin

Carter Smith

"A fantastic looking product."

Joya Joseph

"Learned how to apply my Meisner training on a film set."

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